About bryony

Aesthetics has been a passion of mine since I first watched my Father, who is a Consultant anaesthetist, holding his clinics. It amazed me as a practitioner how you could change the way a person feels about themselves, all through both connecting with them emotionally and looking at their face as a piece of art. I work hard to deliver up to date treatments that I feel are going to work best for my patients, ensuring I keep my knowledge up to date and safe. Through striving to be the best version of myself through my work, it means I regularly attend courses to continually better my practice. In light of this I truly believe you can never stop learning in any industry, but especially within aesthetics which is ever changing in its delivery of techniques and treatments.

I spent the first early years of my nursing working within a cardiac and intensive care background, whereby I developed my skills in both patient care and anatomy. I use many of the skills I learnt during this time within my aesthetics practice today, ensuring I can provide you with a holistic experience.

Upon meeting you, I aim to build a professional and welcoming relationship whereby you can comfortably discuss your aesthetic desires and how you feel you want to personally enhance your appearance. I will then work to give you a thorough and transparent consultation whereby we will create an individualised treatment plan together, to make you feel both comfortable and at ease with your treatments following on from this.

Aesthetics is not just about administering products and treatment delivery, it stems much further in addressing a patient's psychological needs into what makes them feel good about themselves, and that’s the ethos behind my work.


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